Summertime Vibe

Song Length 3:03 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


in the summertime everybody's lookin fine
i see the girls with the curls gonna makem mine
on the street blocks homies puttin down the glocks
now its time for the crime and the cops to stop
all the violence God's children are you feelin me
the reality is we're all one big family
ups and downs rounds battle scars from love and war
settle the scores put the metal back into the drawer

take off the jewels and just come as you
raise the roof blaze with truth nobody knew
that this kid was crazy so freakin amazing
unfazed in any way set to make change but hey
put away the material things and lets sing
to the most high give respect like the .45
gets when cats get wet for they set
or robberies when i jet im turbulent
no hobby one in a mil like the lottery
or aliyah now they all wish that they could see ya
dont look at me as a white emcee
look at me as the most unique to ever ride a beat
like a straw in the heat ya'll suck but dont get nothing
suckas caught bluffing now whos frontin
no more laughing at me sippin on a daquari
enjoying the sun now the party has begun

who got the flow from coast to coast now they know
chillious the righteous one from a wicked kid
used to try to killem now i try to heal them
with the summer vibe 650 from the 415
we keep it live little homies down to ride
on one another crying mothers stop were all brothers
shake hands thats the plan from the bay
every day i pray that itll make it all the way
around the globe givem freedom and givem clothes
you never know when your the next one to go
into the gutter when i speak i dont stutter
so why you aint hearing me theres nothing to fear in me
unless your the devil put the peddle to the metal
a rebel with a direction and a complexion thats white
and who can fight any one who wants to try me
but those days are ova its all about jehova

Copyright 2005 CHILLIOUS

Lyrics Chillious Music Sick Ass Mick
Producer Chillious, Sick Ass Mick Publisher Wicked Kid Records
Performance Chillious Label Wicked Kid Records
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