Bump It Up

Song Length 3:13 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Language English Era 2000 and later


feel that thump in your trunk -bump it up
in your cars or the clubs -bump it up
airwaves where it plays -bump it up
chillious comes to say -bump it up
got the girls in the zone -bump it up
text your friends on the phone -bump it up
from the ghets to the burbs -bump it up
shake they heads when they heard -bump it up

when night falls music calls rule this hall
from the bay gotta say - bump it up
get off your rump dont try to front
girls show the guys exactly what they want
get excited dont try to hide it
live it up gotta act like you give a f***
funs over when your hanging off the sink
lets get rowdy but you dont have to drink

its all love dont shove or spill blood
drop the grudge flowing like a flood its what...
the real ish hot like when the steel hits
can you feel this man they cant believe it
that an emcee can rock like this dance to it
certified on top of the list drop hits
unorthodox when your body rocks rip shop
hip hop or rap whether white or black im back

Copyright 2005 CHILLIOUS

Lyrics Chillious Music Sick Ass Mick
Producer Chillious, Sick Ass Mick Publisher Wicked Kid Records
Performance Chillious Label Wicked Kid Records
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