Story Behind The Song

"I love this restaurant" she whispered with a playful sexiness that she used so well, as the waitress retreated from our table to refill the ever thirsty rum glasses. She paused for just a moment, flipped her summer blonde hair to one side and asked " So are you going to take my advise?" ... One million thoughts are now spinning in my head in fast forward, trying desperately to remember what "advise" I was supposed to be pondering... I've got nothing, so I respond with a sheepishly interrogative " What advise are you referring to?". "you know... about your music" , I look up, I feel myself squinting a bit, I feel myself forcing a fake little laugh... "what advise about my music?" I ask. Now she turns the nose downward like a P-51 is training its guns on the enemy position and she pulls the trigger " You know, to make it more relatable, you should make your music sound like everybody else so that people will like it" ... I can feel my blood boiling in the back of my eyeballs as I watch the young waitress place a new pirate worthy libation on the table... As my vision was starting blur, the only words I could get out of my mouth was " check please"...

Song Description

I am not Justin Bieber. I don't want to be Justin Bieber. Telling an artist to "be like everyone else" is a soul punch...if you do this expect a poem, song, or painting about your ignorance in the matters of what makes us different from all of the other species on this planet.

Song Length 3:10 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Tense, Annoyed Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Gorillaz Language English
Era 2000 and later



I've got plans for glory
Not just the same old story
Even if it don't involve you
I tell you, I will bring my brand new song
And I'm not faking on it
I'm about to break it on though

Alone here at the table
It's set for two and I've come unglued
At first it seemed so playful
Check please, a tip
A tip, quick fix, slick chick with your tricks
Show you the door
I'm not the man that you're looking for
I'll show you the door Madame
Baby, Relatable Lady

Excuse you... relatable who?
But to you un-relatable fool who rescued you
Un-relatable tool who helped you through
And who's not seen the proof madame
It's like "Poof its on"
Explainable truth about my song
Deflatable dreams and now you're gone

Go Gaslight lighter
To find your way around
Go Gaslight brighter
You'll make it in this town
You'll break out somehow

Right on que to screw
Second chance to prove the truth
On how you do the amount thats prude
Go ahead Gaslighter
Light your fire and fight it like a wildfire
Go ahead Gaslighter
Won't be with me honey
Won't be with me
You won't be with me honey
Relatable Lady

Go Gaslight lighter
To find your way around
Go Gaslight brighter
You'll make it in this town
You'll break out somehow

Lyrics Joel Broersma / Daniel DuPuis Music Daniel DuPuis / Joel Broersma
Producer The Guild Publisher Casitaboon
Performance Two Tone Drone Label The Guild

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