ode to the smelly kid

Song Length 2:07 Genre Folk - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


oh smelly kid where did you go
oh smelly kid ever find the soap

i remember in school on photograph day
when you soiled yourself just to cause trouble
and how casually our teacher gave your pollio shot
to the class hamster mr. snuggles

oh smelly kid where are you now
oh smelly kid ever find the shower

i heard you were put in a mentle home
just for cycling round town in your pajamas
but then you broke out and hijacked a tractor
at knife point from a local farmer

do you still smell like the taste of brocalli?
anyway, thank you smelly kid
for being slightly weirder then me!

Lyrics tony o neill Music mad fantastic
Producer mad fantastic Publisher mad fantastic
Performance mad fantastic

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