is love like a pancake(comedy)

Song Description

comedy song in the style of an 80's style rock ballad usin pancakes as a metaphor for love

Song Length 2:58 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Unique - Holiday
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Comedy, Funny
Similar Artists Tenacious D Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


IS LOVE LIKE A PANCAKE (80's Glam rock style)

Is love like a pancake on a warm plate, or sticky sweet as the syrup runs
Or is it like a virus deep inside us, trying to eat our internal organs for lunch
You think you know what love is girls have you got it all figured out
But when your man is asking you for head do you pretend to be dead
Do you talk his soilder down

See maybe just maybe..

Love is like a pancake on a warm plate
With syrup dripping all over the place
You gotta put it in your mouth if you wanna have a taste
Just put it in you mouth, if you wanna have a taste

You see men think sex is love, we can't get enough
Of it's smell or it's taste or of it's flavour
Even oceans lapp, so don't flap his Jack
If he sugars your crepe, return the favour
The next time he's looking for fellatio, just help him out give him a toke
And don't be all like, "Oh not tonight dear, my nose is all blocked or I think I'm getting strep throat"

You see maybe just maybe...


And if you can't remember the last time his member was in your mouth
Ladies go and find your mate, strip him to the waste
Give the bone a dunkin, blow it like a trumpet
Till the blood drains from his face

You see maybe just maybe


Lyrics tony o neill Music mad fantastic
Producer mad fantastic Publisher robo publishing
Performance tony o neill, gary byrne Label robo records

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