The Foreigner

Story Behind The Song

The Foreigner was written during my travels abroad in China, where all "Wai-Guo-Rens" (foreigners) are often stared at, treated differently, and brought to the public's attention. This song was my attempt to articulate the feeling of being different, yet

Song Description

Though we live in a world of racial, ethnic, geographic, and cultural differences, it's possible that there are universal common denominators which still apply. For example, each group of people speaks their own unique language, so in a shrinking world,

Song Length 3:29 Genre Blues - Rock, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Race/Ethnicity, World Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Neil Young
Language English Era 2000 and later


Brown boy with a blank stare
What you got in your bag there
Where u going and where do u come from?
I?ve got u marked under my thumb

Your passport and your visa ? show me
Where do u belong?
What do you bring to your country?
Open up your carry on now carry on?

Oh he?s walking here comes the foreigner
Oh he?s talking there goes the foreigner
We?re all stalking cuz he is might strange
And they?re all the same

You?re a: black bean on white rice
The black dot on white dice
The black rat with white mice in a white world
So think twice before you date a white girl

?This land is my land? we sang
Made for you and me?
But from California to the new-York island
I?m just a minority come carry me?

I feel so criticized lately but I criticize too
I feel so simplified lately but I simplify you
I feel misunderstood lately but I misunderstand you
And I feel so summarized lately but I summarize you
We?re all the SAME

We?re all the same
We?re all the saaaaaame we?re all the same
We?re all the ?
Blue eyes with blonde hair they?re tall now
Rob e v why is your skin brown
One word can?t catch a whole man
I don?t care if he?s Chinese or American
Generally we speak in generalities
We?re more than a name of nationality
We?re not broken but some things need to change

Cuz we?re all the same?

Lyrics Rob E V Music Rob E V
Performance Rob E V

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