Built to Last

Song Description

A lonesome boy still holds on to the belief that his love was built to last

Song Length 4:06 Genre Folk - General, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene Subject Loneliness
Similar Artists Garth Brooks Language English


I've been alone for countless days
learned to cook an egg 19 different ways
and even held my breath just to watch the seconds pass
and I followed the sun to its brightest point
but even that stars light won't last

don't get me wrong i'm doing alright
there's so much here to my day
chris and zach still talk with their backs facing the other way
while you're at school i swim by the pool
and sometimes i get in for free
and now and then i work once again
everything's alright with me

but if I still had the choice
I'd run right back to you
just to hear your voice teasing the crazy things I do
but only fools will dream of a love that's gone and past
but this fool still has faith in you too
because our love was built to last
to last

i've played the field
several different times
but you're the only girl in which three words still apply
but true to my word
i'll give you what you need
and if it's space well i'll stop the chase
no matter how much my heart bleeds

Our love was built to last

Lyrics Rob E V Music Rob E V
Performance Rob E V

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