Come Back Here

Song Description

"Come Back Here" is about mourning the death of a mother.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Folk - Alternative, Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Depressing Subject Life, Loneliness
Similar Artists Cat Power, Fiona Apple Language English
Era 2000 and later


I don't know how you could run away from me
I know I did it to you, but I came back
It's not your time to fly
Can't watch my father cry
Can't breathe, think without you here
I can't feel.

You told me when your mother died
Nothing was harder to feel
You said your connection was lost
Unable to ever heal
And I believed you...
I believe.

Don't disappear
Come back here...

It feels sadistic to sleep, sadistic to eat
I'm angry I can't tell you how angry I am
Not at you
I know you wouldn't choose
I know you didn't choose
You used to tell me you would die
If something were to happen to me
Where does that leave me...?

Don't disappear
Come back here...

Lyrics Kara Elizabeth Sherman Music Kara Elizabeth Sherman, Rich Ratvasky
Producer Rich Ratvasky, Kara Elizabeth Sherman Publisher Thinkroot Records
Performance Team Smile and Nod Label Thinkroot Records
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