Turnips - The Super J Experiment

Story Behind The Song

My family was on an extended trip. During one of our driving breaks my 8-year-old son turned to me and blurted out the chorus to this song. Recognizing the potential of the hook I ran into the bathroom and sang it into my phone so that I wouldn't forget it. One month later we tracked it (He sang and played guitar) and a few months later we put out his first EP. The funny thing about this song is that it's basically a true story. We really did plant turnips, tried to cook them, and realized that our whole family hated them.

Song Description

Driving punk rock anthem about an 8-year-old boy's hatred of turnips.

Song Length 1:35 Genre Rock - Punk, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Other
Mood Disturbed, Annoyed Subject Vegetables, Taste
Similar Artists The Ramones, Violent Femmes Language English
Era 2000 and later


Everyone loves
Except for us

We planted turnips in the garden
We cooked those turnips in the kitchen
We put those turnips on the table
We tried to eat them
But we were not able

We turn down turnips
We turn down turnips
Kick 'em like a football
We turn down turnips
Go tell your mom about it

Lyrics Todd Koeppen, Josiah Koeppen Music Todd Koeppen, Josiah Koeppen
Producer Todd Koeppen Publisher Koeppen Publishing
Performance Josiah Koeppen & Todd Koeppen Label Bok Star Records

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