Saturday Smile

Story Behind The Song

My wife is a different person on Saturdays. She cares deeply about doing a good job at work, and often wears her stress. However, on Saturday, when she not only has the day off, but doesn't have to work the next day either, she emits a smile so powerful, so carefree, that it inspired this song.

Song Description

This is an acoustic, folksy 6/8 song with the airy lead vocals on the verses. It's about how the attitude of the person love can seem to "paint the room". This song focuses on the relaxed, carefree smile that only comes on a day off (in this case, a Saturday smile).

Song Length 3:43 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Welcoming Subject Laugh, Smile, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Cole Swindell, James Taylor Language English
Era 2000 and later


Rise and greet it
Pure and blameless
Not just a weekend
It's your canvas

Paint the room
With your Saturday Smile
Hold me close
Be mine for a while

Trace the daylight
As you linger
Draw me closer
With one bend of your finger

Love's enough
Love's enough
Keeps us going for days
It's too easy to get trapped in our ways
Still we know
Letting go
Will be all right
Because you're there for me
And you care for me

Spread your color
With a whisper
Frame the moment
With a shiver

Lyrics Todd Koeppen Music Todd Koeppen
Producer Marc Miller & Todd Koeppen Publisher Koeppen Publishing
Performance Todd Koeppen - vocals, guitars, piano Marc Miller - bass & Hammond organ Label n/a

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