Roll On

Song Length 2:30 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


Don't worry mister you'll get your money
'Round here everybody's always paid what's due
Come back in the morning
Somebody will be waiting here for you

Roll on, Roll on
Whatever's coming at you whatever you've done wrong
Should your big, old world fall apart remember
Nothing good that happens only happens in the dark
Keep your shirt on Keep your head down, roll on

The Captain of the Guard is leaning on a witness
Who's on the wrong end of a patent leather shoe
He'll sing like a canary
Next thing they'll be coming after you

There's a tractor in the roadway
We're never getting past
I was hoping to be headed back to you
But the bridge is out behind us
And I have no idea now what I'm gonna do

The cliffs along the shoreline
Are rugged, long, and steep
The winds will knock you sideways and they do
Just don't veer off the pathway
And find somebody to hold on to

Lyrics Thomas Burns Music Thomas Burns
Producer Thomas Burns Publisher Engine-Engine Productions
Performance Thomas Burns Label Engine-Engine Production

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