Just Yesterday (Instrumental)

Song Length 2:56 Genre Folk - General, Folk - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Pleasant, On Cloud Nine
Similar Artists Lucinda Williams Era 2000 and later


Just yesterday, I held you for the first time
Rosy cheeks, soft golden hair
My sweet baby boy, you were finally here

How we laughed when your teacher called
She said you shouldn't be kissin' girls in the first grade
These memories my son, will never fade

Takin' in the world around you
I still see life through your eyes
God is with you my son and in each sun rise

Growin' up too fast for me my son
First steps, trykes and dirt bikes, singing me your ABC's
The look in your eyes when I handed you keys

Playin' tag with the guard rail, the guard rail always wins
Excitement on your face, did my horror show?
Your first tasted of freedom....my letting you go

You're making a new family, the time has come
Corey we're so proud the man you've become

Music Harriet Riendeau Producer Harriet Riendeau, Brian Murhpy, Mike Clark
Publisher Harriet Riendeau Performance Harriet Riendeau, Brian Murphy, Mike Clark
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