Story Behind The Song

Inspriration: I was singing at Geiger Key Fish Camp open mic in Key West and met a mandolin player. He told me of his travels with his wife in an RV and his blog. After reading one of his stories I decided he is a homebody at heart and the song was born. Then, Covid happened, so I added a different opening verse. Nathan Hengst Blog, Road Slowly Traveled, Fiddler's Grove Old Time Music and Fiddle Festival, June 20, 2019, and COVID Quarantine of 2020.

Song Description

Love to travel, having travelled a lot then told to stay home, discovered loving being a homebody.

Song Length 3:29 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Charming, Composed Subject Home, Life
Similar Artists Ed Sheerin, Indigo Girls Language English
Era 2000 and later



Told to Stay home
the life you save may be your own
be your own, be your own maybe be your own.
Makes me wonder.
Is anyone as happy as I am
to lay low and discover?

I'm a homebody
I don't like to drive
When I'm out riding,
can't wait to arrive
can't wait to arrive,
can't wait to arrive

My favorite part of wanderin',
my favorite part
My favorite part of wanderin'
is not travelin' too far
not travelin' too far
not travelin' too far

homebody home
homebody home

Hazy hot or snowbound,
over cast and gray
Don't care what the weather brings,
I just want to stay!
want to stay
want to stay
I just want to stay!

Take some time
from running around
in the kitchen make-a-meal,
so good to sit down.
to sit down, to sit down
so good to sit down.

homebody home
homebody home

Harriet great song... glad your back....your voice is sweet and recording is perfect.

Lyrics Harriet M. Riendeau Music Harriet M. Riendeau
Producer Harriet Riendeau, Brian F. Murphy, Mike A. Clark Publisher Harriet M. Riendeau
Performance Sweet Harriet Label Harriet M. Riendeau
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