The Princess

Story Behind The Song

I met a beautiful woman who inspired this song. I've believe most people identify with (and perhaps want for themselves) this kind of story...otherwise this style of story wouldn't have endured over centuries :).

Song Description

Fairytale pop/rock love song about a princess stuck in a castle tower who daydreams about riding into the sunset with the man who will one day rescue her. He does rescue her, they fall madly in love at first sight, and she rides off into the sunset with him.

Song Length 3:23 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Standards
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Cheerful Subject Loneliness, Love at First Sight
Similar Artists Kings Of Leon, U2 Language English
Era 2000 and later


The princess waits in the castle tower. Sunrise teases the lonely flowers, and she waits...oh and she waits. She daydreams away that maybe someday her knight in shining will show; with eyes like the sea; reflecting the sky. Swept off her feet kiss the cold stones goodbye. And she will...
Ride away into the sunset someday. Maybe one day he'll love her like no other cuz she's the one he's been fighting for all along. Breezes blow, and fields will dance. Love's first kiss; one more chance. A fight to the finish. Love at first sight. Through tears and the rain forever he'll fight. And he will...ride through the night to see such a sight . Forget what he knew to know what feels right. The future and past will meet here and now. Angels she's touched will show him how. And they will...ride away into the sunset someday. Maybe one day he'll love her like no other cuz she's the one he's been fighting for all along.
The minor keys are temporary while major keys are legendary. The well of the sea could swallow them whole or give them a wave to carry their souls and she will...ride away into the sunset today. Forever to stay he'll love her.. They'll discover the life in their hearts they knew they could feel, and start a new life and make this fairytale real.

Loved it !! Truly loved this song!! So magical.. Uplifting!! The hooks the great vocals!!! I felt like Inwas listening to a soundtrack from a movie!! This song has to be used for a film!!!!!

Lyrics Shawn Tallard Music Shawn Tallard
Producer Shawn Tallard
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