boxes and keys

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Song Description

met a girl in korea who told me stories of her father who would go nuts on drugs make the family stand outside in the winter rain naked,she had many multible sex partners,orgies,

Song Length 3:00 Genre Rock - Modern


VERSE an evil man knife scared wounds and a gun in hand,the life,s in his path,the damage done those memories wont run,INTRO VERSE torture leads to pain,he forced them naked in the freezing rain, but daddy,s all to blame for the vivid picture of her childhood pain, CHORUS how many times did you say you did how many people wich way,and how good is your memories of how many BOXES how many KEYS, INTRO VERSE your scaring me,your scaring me with your history,but i understand your a victem to your fathers hand,CHORUS,repeat last VERSE chorus

Lyrics greg torzillo Music greg torzillo
Producer greg torzillo Performance sun king
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Clean Clean

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