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this guys daughter starts hanging out with these girls who have gothic boyfriends and slowly she starts changing the way she dresses and the way she wears her hair, and when these girls go to the trendy gothic clothes store at the mall they sneek in the dressing rooms and have sex ,and this girls father has a fit seeing her little girl transform into this gothic faze with a gothic boy with purple hair he really hates it

Song Length 3:33 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Gothic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disgusting, Annoyed Subject Sorrow, Insults
Similar Artists Everclear, Weezer Language English
Era 2000 and later


NARRITIVE INTRO TO MUSIC--this here,s a story of my daughter running away with one of those freaky little gothic boys and that just turns my stomach, intro VERSE,the one i thought could do no wrong,the one i thought i knew so long, no crystal ball could ever tell,she,d pick a beast from a purple hell,- PRE CHORUS-from a jungle to the city to the bedroom between the sheets ,the friction of there bodys against there skin on fire they feel the heat,laying in a film of sweat the image quickly sickens me ,the tape rewinds and plays agian a nightmare for just me to see CHORUS,now that the end is for sure ,my little girl now not so pure ,trying to not look back ,i lost her to THE TASTE OF BLACK ,i lost her to the TASTE OF BLACK - INTRO VERSE-knew that somthing wasnt right,her new style a warning light,believing what all her friends say,sex in the cotten field the only way, PRE CH ,CH , now that the ends for sure my little girl now not so pure, SOLO BRIDGE, now she loves everything,gothic bride of night now sing CHORUS OUT

Lyrics Greg Torzillo Music greg torzillo
Producer greg torzillo Performance greg torzillo
Label me me me me
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