Turn That Car Around (Tucker/Lambert)

Story Behind The Song

Girl leaves in a huff , guy wants her back.

Song Description

A co-write with my friend from Florida Greg Lambert.Uptempo country - rocker !

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried Subject Lost Love
Similar Artists Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley Language English


Turn That Car Around (Tucker/Lambert) (c) 2015 BMI

Well you left so fast like a full blown hurricane in the aftermath Im standing here in the rain
Your tailights were out of sight
Before I had the time to cry
Now I'm left here all alone to wonder why

You drove so fast like a downhill runaway train
You didn't stop for gas
You didn't give me time to explain
She didn't mean a thing to me
There was more that you couldn't see
You're twice the woman than she'll ever be

Baby wait up
Wait for me
I got real bad feeling
I'll be losing sleep
Baby wait up
Could you just slow down
I gotta find a way to turn that car around

Yeah You left so fast like a full blown hurricane
Is our future past will you ever come back again
Something sure got into you
Throw away those traveling shoes
I can put things right - if you give me one last chance


Standing In the eye of the storm
calling out your name
My body's shaken to the core
With only myself to blame

Last line twice

Everything Good and Great Too!

Sold arrangement well performed on all counts, very nice vocals and guitars in a country rock setting. Love the organ in background. Reminds me quite a bit of Pure Prairie League.

Lyrics Donovan Tucker/Greg Lambert Music Donovan Tucker/Greg Lambert
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Publisher Famous Faces Music BMI
Performance Phillip Moore Label Sophie's Choice Records
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