Down To The Bone (w/ Dianne MacAdam)

Story Behind The Song

Girl gets blindsided by her man leaving her for the other woman he had previously left.

Song Description

Collaboration with the talented Dianne MacAdam sharing in the songwriting process, and handling the vocals superbly.

Song Length 3:26 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Country
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Mad, Poignant Subject Sorrow, Regret
Similar Artists Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow


Down To The Bone
© 2014 Donovan Tucker
& Dianne MacAdam BMI

He went back to his old lover
After all this time apart
When he told me all along
He threw their love away

He could not recover
The broken pieces of his heart
And if he saw her face again
It'd be a cold day - a cold day in Hell

I bet it rains today out in Arizona
And the sun sets in the east on my drive home
The lake of fire is finally freezing over
And the Devil feels a chill down to the bone
I hope the Devil feels a chill down to the bone

Didn't know he was deceiving
I was putty in his hands
I soon let my guard down
'Cause he had me from the start

Next thing I know he's leaving
For the girl he couldn't stand
I never saw it coming
And that's the hardest part - the hardest part



I guess stranger things have happened
Than him leaving me
It's just something I was sure I'd never see


Great song , great performances by all. very sincere. good lyrics

WHAT A WONDERFUL CONCEPT FOR A SONG!!! This is one of the best songs I've ever heard that is not already cut by a major artist! The melody on the opening piano immediately grabbed me! I was really hoping it would be the refrain......and it was! This is just beautiful! Vocal is wonderful/passionate!

A fine song with great pictures within the lyrics, especially the chorus. The vocal delivery is nicely understated and performed in a very natural and authentic way. Well recorded and produced so that all the lyrics are clear and easy to understand.
Good keyboard playing, again in a very natural, unobtrusive way.

Beautiful piano and vocal work. A very well crafted song. Lead vocal is very warm and authentic. Backup vocals compliment the work nicely.

I like the sound of the keyboards and the arrangement, beautiful lead vocals. Very emotional song and a good hook.

I like this song - Very Sweet and wonderful voice. The music and recording sounds good. Some nice guitar riffs in there too. Really nice all around - good job!

Lyrics Donovan Tucker/Dianne MacAdam Music Donovan Tucker
Producer Jay Speight & John DiSanto Publisher Famous Faces Music BMI
Performance Dianne MacAdam Vox, J. Speight Keys, D. Tucker guitar Label Sophie's Choice Music
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