Lucky Day (Acoustic)

Song Description

My best times are spent around my grandkids,When I'm around them, it's my lucky day.:)

Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Delightful Subject Joy, Happiness
Similar Artists John Mayer, Brad Paisley Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lucky Day

Donovan Tucker BMI (c) 2014

There may be a cloudy sky today
But I know the sun is up there hidin'
I feel a raindrop hit my shoulder blade
Look up to see a redbird flyin'

I'll hang around for you
Cause I know you're worth the wait
If it takes a day or two
You know what ? That's okay

You're my angel
You're my lucky day
You're my best friend in the world
Sent from heaven
You put a smile upon my face
Whenever I see one on yours

We dont have to much to fret about today
You cant be late for havin' fun
There's no need to rush
We'll chase those clouds away
Cause you beam brighter than the sun

When I hang out with you
Our time just seems to fly
One minute turns to two
That's one more reason why


nice song "cant be late for havin fun" ha!

Nice clean presentation of a very sweet song. Lyrics leave no doubt that this guy's in love. Chorus comes up early and gets you hummin'. It's pretty sappy...but I've written my share, so I understand.

Lyrics Donovan Tucker Music Donovan Tucker
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Publisher First One That Offers
Performance Phillip Moore vox D.Tucker bass/elec guitar Label Sophie's Choice Music

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