In America

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In America

It was raining and it was Christmas Eve
Mary in the manger outside the Walmart cried
Did she imagine something different for her boy
Than being peddled on a sidewalk under lights?

And there was Joseph, his hands were folded
His eyes smiled like a brand new daddy?s will
And the wise man with the frankincense
Stood between the others and a new gas grill

Here in America
Living in America

I found Buddha at a yard sale
I didn?t want to haggle so I paid a buck
And he was smiling all the way home
And every now and then I rub his belly for good luck

?Cause we need it in America
Here in America

I?ve been walking from silos to cities
And I?ve seen a lot but I aint seen it all
And I?ve got sisters with almond eyes
Brothers who don?t look like me at all

Here in America
Living in America?

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