The Road

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Contemporary


The Road
Steven Howell

If I knew then what I know now
I?d like to think I?d chose a different way to go
?Cause my mistakes have paved the way
Down this dark and lonely dead end road
My compass have betrayed me
Pointing arrows where I didn?t want to go
But I must claim my share of blame
?Cause I?m the one who chose the road

And if I knew love, like I?d dreamed of
I might not be the man that I?ve become
But neon lights and these barroom nights
Have never brought me close to anyone
Have my passions all betrayed me
Left me standing here with nothing warm to hold
But I must claim my share of blame
?Cause I?m the one who chose the road

I?d like to start all over
And if we get that chance, who knows
Till that time I?ll just walk this line
?Cause I?m the one who chose the road

I can put this CD on and just drive along a back North Carolina road. It is comfortable, and it helps the mind relax and meditate. Great job

Strong verses really express feeling of subject.

Nice to hear the mandolin given prominence in the intro and later.
Gentle vocals fit with the theme.

This is a beautiful song. Vocal performance is lovely. Guitar and mandolin is expertly performed. Arrangement is good. Recording is crystal clear with nice space. Lyrics are good. Hook is good. Pretty bridge.

some great lines like "My compass has betrayed me", "I'd like to think" and "I'm the one who chose the road" demonstrate your talent for writing. The imagery of life being like traveling down a "dark and lonely road" are particularly impactful. I love the mandolin playing behind the guitar and keyboard.

Lyrics Steven Howell Music Steven Howell
Producer Steven Howell Publisher Steven Howell
Performance Steven Howell
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