Yes I Can

Song Length 4:08 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Pride Era 2000 and later


Yes I Can (female version)
Hugh James Hardman, Rick Mathews, Steve Belkin

Rosa was a girl from a 'bama town
took a seat where the sign said don't sit down
she wouldn't get up, she didn't give in
she changed the world that we're living in

I can still remember what my mama said to me
Life ain't always easy, when you stand up for what you believe
Ever wonder

If Susan Anthony never said I want to vote
Little Amelia never took the first flight
Would Sally Ride ever ride a rocket around the world
I'm that kinda girl
I could be the president, do anything a man can
play for the Yankees , even hit a grand slam
To those who say "No you can't"
I say "Yes I can"

Somewhere there's a girl, somewhere there's a wife
Somewhere there's a dream that'll change a life
Aint no way of knowin' who it's gonna be
It might be you , it might be me

The only thing that matters is what matters most to you
Life's to short to sit around
when there's a million things that you could do
ever wonder


. . . and will do anything that I set my heart to
ain't that what a dreamer's born to do . . . ever wonder


I could be a soldier, or a scientist, a fireman
A mother of three, someone's beautiful wife
To those who say "No you can't"
They just don't know who I am
I tell 'em "Yes I can"

Lyrics Steve Belkin, Hugh James and Rick Mathews Music Steve Belkin, Hugh James and Rick Mathews
Producer Steve Belkin, Hugh James and Rick Mathews Publisher Steve Belkin Music, Clown Town Music, Emerald Capricorn Music
Performance Teresa James - Lead Vocal
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