LIfe Was Custom Made For Her & Me

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The first time that I saw her
I was barely 12 years old
sittin by the river's edge
where I was skimmin' stones

Well. I wasn't much at makin' friends
I was all by myself
when she wandered up right next to me
my heart began to melt
was a moment stopped in time
something changed inside
what I learned stayed with me all my life

With her I learned to laugh
I learned to love;
I learned that havin' a best friend
Could be enough
To get you through most any day
No matter where we went; what we did
The time we spent together
Felt like it would never end
We were so wild & free
Life was custom made for her & me

I got this old convertible
When I was seventeen
she jumped in the front seat
and she sat right next to me

We'd drive around from town to town
We got lost one day
on the wrong side of the railroad tracks
we fell into harms way
another moment stopped in time
she came runnin' to my side
her loyalty stayed with me all my life


The last time that I saw her
I had just turned twenty-one
She had grown so old & week
Yet I was strong and young

The doctor said "I'm sorry son
We'll have to put her down"
My heart shattered, my best friend
Would no longer be around

Life was custom made for that big ole dog & me

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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