Keep Your Distance

Story Behind The Song

There's really no story behind "Keep Your Distance" except that I wrote it during a time when I was pondering over why men love to talk about their ex-girlfriends so much.

Song Description

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Song Length 4:34 Genre Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Affable Subject Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists Trisha Yearwood Language English
Era 2000 and later


Music and lyrics by Steffi Tassos
© 2005 KeepSafe Music. BMI. All rights reserved.

I have learned to keep my distance
To keep myself far from heavy blows
I have learned to play it cool and to take my own car
And make my own dough
I have learned that you?re somebody
Who could hurt me and leave me blue
And you?re the kind who can say that you love me
But only mean it when it suits your mood

In my arms you will find the path of least resistance

I have heard all about your old love
How she played you and put you down
How she lied and took your money
Boy she must have loved having you around
Do you suppose every woman now owes you
Her soul and her gratitude
Just because you were made a fool of
By somebody who was smarter than you

She was wrong for you honey
Still you loved her with such persistence
Now you keep your distance, yeah
You keep your distance

Why would I fall in love with the likes of you?
Why in the world would you wanna fall in love with me too?
You know I?d never, even dream of whether
Me and you together, how could we ever?
When I?d be much better off if I?d never ever met you, yeah
If I?d never met you

(SOLO on verse)

So baby come on and depend on me for a little assistance
But if you want a guarantee or some added insurance
Then in my arms you will find the path of least resistance
Now don?t keep your distance, yeah
Don?t keep your distance

Lyrics Steffi Tassos Music Steffi Tassos
Producer Steffi Tassos Performance Steffi Tassos
Label KeepSafe Music
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