Bonnie Town

Story Behind The Song

"Bonnie Town" came to me in a dream, literally, a few days after my mom died in the summer of 2005. In the dream, she was telephoning me to tell me that she was on a bus that was traveling around the country picking up all the people who had just died. Her voice was as clear as a bell. When I asked her where they were all going, she said, ?Why, we?re going to Bonnie Town!? She sounded so very happy and when I awoke I was momentarily lifted out of my grief.

Song Description

"Bonnie Town" is about a magical place where we all hope to go someday.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Welcoming Subject Paradise
Language English Era 2000 and later


Music and lyrics by Steffi Tassos
© 2006 KeepSafe Music. BMI. All rights reserved.

In Bonnie Town there is a man named Ed
Who can balance anything upon his head
In Bonnie Town from time to time
Everything that you say seems to somehow rhyme
In Bonnie Town you fly
And no one ever dies
All the stores sell everything for free
The weather?s fine and fair
And men don?t lose their hair
Women always fit into their jeans

Bonnie Town has a village park
Where colored lanterns light up in the dark
Bonnie Town grannies sit and chat
With apple pie and a sleepy cat in every lap
The cars all run on air
And no one will despair
If you choose to wear your clothing inside out
The old men tip their hats
This is this and that is that
And farmers play Canasta with their cows

So come along with me right now
To my Bonnie Town!

(SOLO on first half of verse)

In Bonnie Town you share
And Jesus is the Mayor
Buddha leads the choir when we pray
There?s never any wait
And Allah?s praise is great
A Menorah at every door along the way

In Bonnie Town there is no fear
And money?s useless here
Someone gets a kiss on every hour
If you?re poor well no one cares
Won?t you let me take you there?
We?ll live beneath a rooftop made of flowers

And what is yours and what is mine will now be ours
In Bonnie Town!
Come along with me right now
To Bonnie Town!
My Bonnie Town!
My Bonnie Town!

Lyrics Steffi Tassos Music Steffi Tassos
Producer Steffi Tassos Performance Steffi Tassos and her Korg D1200.
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