Time Keeps Tick'en

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Charming, Composed Subject Change, General
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac Language English
Era 2000 and later


Time keeps tick'en
Time keeps tick'en away
Come back to bed and lay your sweet head down
No need to open the curtains
You keep it bright
You keep my sight

< I'm afraid cuz the days are short and so is life
I can't seem to get enough of you
Cuz time keeps tick'en time keeps tick'en away>>

Life wasn't seen, glistening
Fear held on tight
I felt I had to fight
But my darling dear is brave
Crossing new boundaries I'm saved
As time keeps tick'en time keeps tick'en away
Our light can't be faded
I won't become jaded
If I've crawled in my hole
I'm in need of your soul


With my sweet, I'm complete
It is so true
I'm nothing without you
So let's lay this way forever
Cuz I can endeavor life
As time keeps tick'en time keeps tick'en away
Leeward's how I fly
But as time goes by
My path becomes so swerved
But your love I deserve

You took a chance in me
You gave this butterfly, some gravity
You're my reality

Lyrics Stefanie Jane Music Audio Dallas
Producer Paul Osborn
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