33. Sweetness & Tragedy

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Rock



She moves so slow and patiently
As she slides inside my heart
Pushing all my buttons
From the very start
One moment softly smiling
Rose petals in her hair
The next she's screaming wildly
Of her nightmares in my ear

Here comes majestic beauty
Spitting in my face
Sweetness and Tragedy
Stunning in its grace
I don't want no amnesty
Can't bear this love to waste
Sweetness and Tragedy
Stunning in its grace

My love for her's a curse
Torments me every day
Just like a desert thirst
I live in shades of gray


This woman that I love
With hip-psychotic pain
Fills my soul with joy
Lovely as the rain


This is one very professionally performed, recorded and produced song! A loud country rocker with a very different slant to the lyrics/story. Brilliant vocals, both lead and harmony, and great playing by the musicians involved.

Great instrumentation, arrangement, lyrics and originality. I could hear feelings in this story which made it even better. Definitely has placement possibilities. Great job!

Love this country song!! Great vocals!! Love the imagery the lyrics give!! Great style of song., and catchy hook!!:)

Very impressive work! All technical aspects are excellent: instruments, vocals, engineering.

Great song! Keep it up!

Great structure and crafting, good build melodically into chorus, excellent parallel placement of the hook! Using the extremes makes the hook memorable.

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