No such thing as Instant country

Story Behind The Song

Id like to see Kenny Chesney hitch up a mule, or Taylor make a pan of biscuits, or Hank Williams on American iDOL being critiqued by a british judge... Heck Larry the cable guy is a yankee that got rich mocking country talk... They would throw hank out of Nashville today! Its all about the commercial look and sound. Theres no such thing as instant country.

Song Description

They buy a cowboy hat, take a photoshoot by an old antique truck, sing a song some college boy wrote about a tractor, buy some holey worn out already jeans, try to talk country and presto.... their an instant country star. Theres no such thing as instant country.

Song Length 3:14 Genre Country - General, Country - Cowboy
Mood Sociable Subject Cowboy

Holy mainstream Reba! This should be out there today!

See the big smile on my face? Great title, great song, terrific lyrics, cleverly written. I just LOVE this song. Seems like there's a lot of fakers out've exposed them all. Band is tight,instrumentation fantastic, flawless production. Key change at just the right time. Five stars, whoever you are.

Lyrics Stan Flowers Music Nashville Demo
Producer Stan Flowers Publisher LeZac Music
Performance Sammi Moore

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