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When it feels like there?s no end
So much better to pretend
When you feel your heart won?t mend
You?ll be better once again
Even better than it was
?Cause you don?t want what you had
And maybe all you?ll find is the only thing you?ll
Leave behind , is feeling bad

And you?re feeling gone
And you just hang on
And it tears you down in the tears you drown
You know it?s only love
And you just hang on and there?s nothing wrong
It?s only love that?s gone

When it seems like there?s no road
To get you back where do you go
To another better place and time
Gotta leave that place behind
And maybe all we loose makes the better things we find
Worth holding? on


World turned around ,it?s raining? from the ground
Drown out all the colors of the rainbow shinning?
Falling from earth stars burn all around
To light the world up in your hear,till the morning breaks through the dark

It?s only love that breaks your heart
Try to be sure right from the start
It?s only love that breaks you down you
It?s only love that can turn the world around

Gonna change he world
Gonna change your heart
Gonna change your heart around
You know it?s only love

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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