Song Length 4:08 Genre Rock - Modern



It?s hard to start a fire
When you can?t even start a flame
It?s hard to feel desire
When you don?t even know it?s name
It?s hard to see the truth
When you?re happier with a lie
It?s hard to get to you
When all you wanna do is hide

Sometimes it?s all you need
Is a little faith that?s blind
When you can?t believe.....but I see

Break down these walls inside
Lay down in these arms in the night
Light the light that can?t be found
Dream the dream that cannot wait to be

It?s hard to find your own place
When your always standing in a crowd
It?s hard to see your own face
Turn the courage into doubt
It?s hard to find a place to land
When you?re too afraid of coming down
You never really understand
What your heart has never found

Sometimes it?s hard to see
Is it too far or just out of reach...but I see


But you gotta go a long way now
Maybe it?s somewhere else
Go a long way now to find someone else
Hold on now to feel it all come out


And all the pieces that are broken down are coming back to hold you now
Hold on......hold on
You gotta break down
Hold on......hold on
You gotta break down to be whole
Break down Break down

Producer DAVID BECK Publisher EMI
Performance STACY WILDE
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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