Self Portrait

Song Length 3:59 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Hysterical, Affable Subject Disgust, Regret
Similar Artists Radiohead, The Talking Heads Language English
Era 2000 and later


don't ask me what I'm doing tonight
I only plan ahead fifteen minutes
I don't believe in the typical things
so take back your smile and the line you learned to get that ring

when I rely on my considerable charm
it only hides the pain just around the corner
no use denying it's a cynical world
and I can't do anything, no I can't do anything at all

I had no clue things were this bad
no one told me, nobody said, "hey, you, watch out"
now that you know
now that you found out
please, please promise not to tell a soul

history starts now
there's no accountability
I sit alone and I wait for it, wait for it
I've got a secret I've kept for some time
and I just want to leave all the lies and go shouting out, shouting out
people keep doing what's wrong for as long as they can
I'm the coward in back who keeps pushing and pushing and pushing
shoving away all the people who love me the most

you in the back sit up straight
here comes your chance to impress the whole world
don't lose your sleep, I won't get too close
I shy away from the things I like to do the most

Lyrics Jeremy Hegg Music Spooncat!
Producer Spooncat!, Brian S. Smith Publisher Fish On Toast Productions
Performance Spooncat! Label Fish On Toast Productions
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