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If you ask the average person what they expect to hear in Rap and Hip Hop music many will probably tell you the same things. They expect to hear about drugs, sex, violence, and every other negative thing that the media would have the public believe Hip Hop is about. What we hear on the radio and what we see on TV is actually a minority representation of the many faces urban music has to offer. This is fact, not opinion. Being that our music doesn't contain profanity and many of the other things people associate with Hip Hop, we sometimes catch a lot of critism. In all fairness, we get a lot of love for the same reason. This song is about being secure in your own existance as an artist. At the end of the day, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Copyright 2006 Get'Em Productions LLC

Lock, load. Hit'em Up.
They do not know who I am,
and they've been told of my plan,
I do not fold who I am.
Guns. Sticking to my Guns. (x8)

Verse I
My peak level is reached, you keep on squeezing me, just keep pushing
them buttons you'll see, I'm easily detached from them boundaries that
keep me so evenly. Wound on the mental ground. For real,
Your tempting me, get gone before the songs over, I'm all over y'all
soldiers, Call the cops bring them cars over. I am rocking y'all like shock and awe the yo brawls over. Some of y'all need to press pause and just start over. They talking the same like why doesn't he change, and start,Saying things that he said he would say. His heart won't let him when he's lying in the grave his art will stand tall in the meadows like shaq wearing stillettos. Silly rabbits its a habit of mine detatching you
quicker, than juviniles detaching loose arms from action figures. the
newest style is uberly provingThat I'm quicker. On the draw, just my hiccups make stain your drawls.Yeah

Verse II
I was raised in the sun, grew up in the desert, but never once touched
the dirt, I was kept from it. When my boys got to running I, ducked out
cause I can't stand trouble rather be singled out, by my own friends.
(So called) . I don't follow, your so hollow, to think I wanted your
respect. Naw I'm outta your class fool like the glass is half full fa
sho. Act like you know. I wasn't looking for respect, or a record,
I wanted more than anything mother in the eye. Without feeling guilt.
With no remorse over the course that I took walking home with my books.
That's respect for the one's that helped make you who you are, I don't
wanna turn my song off in the car, when I'm rolling with my grandmother, cause I'm ashamed of what I've said, despite wisdom she's laid in my head. That's not me, I cannot be, what you want from me, is over that line of which I will not breach, my pride
Is the air I breath, and when sleep enhale real deep. The air is clean.

Verse III
I'm not the one. I don't budge, I don't sway for you, stuck in my way,
on some curd type, way we do. The way we grew, was wild like don kings
doo. The wrongs things do tend to happen on the routes you choose.
When you can't prove, that the whole truth's inside you. There's your
friends and your foes and you don't know who's who. The ones you knew,
were grimey from the start let loose, and timing has proved, your
friends in the end are few. I speak truth like, preachers in booth type
confessions.And who types these lessons, better than said president of the newschoolcommitee decked out in the lettermen, check it the growth is evident.Yeah yeah yeah, Producing juice like family jewels hanging front elephants. Don't rebuke the news, just sing it loud like you was ella
fitz.Back in the day wit rap inovators when passion was prevelant, to the
game I maintain, remain staying heaven sent.

Lyrics Jonathan Owens Music Get'Em Productions LLC
Producer Get'Em Productions LLC Publisher Got'Em Good Publishing
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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