Story Behind The Song

This song is my individual outlook on change. Changes in our surroundings, and changes in culture. I wrote this song after seeing a young african american male, dressed in what could be called "Hip Hop" clothing. The thing that struck me was the fact that he was riding a skateboard. To me, this symbolized the melding of two separate cultures.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Subject General


Copyright 2006 Get'Em Productions LLC

Verse I
How many times do I gotta say, there's a change in the wind, like
nickels and dimes went leaping from planes and again yo I gotta say, the grounds shaking, white girls with hair like jamacans, walking the
streets in my home town, yeah to the realist extent. Like deeper than
cuts when you're bleeding. Flooding the scene with that rasta reefer. Besides the heat minority teens reach for greenday and skateboards in fresh white tees. They're reaching for leeway from the he say she say, breaching the system and empeaching the powers that relay messages to impressionable kids through regimines in ears not ripe enough to decipher the fluff. Plus at minimum, urban style condiminiums rise higher trying kiss the sky. For the brains and again we're gonna open your eyes. Y'all been living in the dark we're gonna show you the light. We're building.

Verse II
Dial 911 we're in the forth quarter, with pen paper and me trying to restore order. The people need to be freed like its a court order, wit a phat gavel. Putting wack rappers in line like its a raffle. Stop circling
the same block that you've been on. You're getting nowhere fast, that you can depend on. I'm in on they industry joke. Let me open up the floor for discussion to expose the hoax. Check yall been bamboozled, hoodwinked, ill-advised, still if I, pen a rhyme, with a vibe, not killa. Will it fly, will you buy. These are the questions that I'm asking in my own
mind. Run it by. Hip hop is in them revolutionary stages, where the days
are long, try to engrave a song or two. We're going good. We're trying
to bring them days back, yeah and you know we could. We're bringing them nails, brick, wood and we're building.

Verse III
Eyes wide open, in hindsight hoping my lines divided by time, are
leaving you touched by the quotient. Not a fad, in fact, when other
sounds fall back, and receed, hiphop will be received across the
oceans. This timeline is open, never closing. Hard to tell where to start
due to the circular motion that the world has embarked upon like the
noah arc. Like I said I know its dark, but I'm coming wit that light
when I spark. Cause right now I'm at the height of my bite and my bark.
Got a sharpee and I'm trying to make a mark. Because in life you've gotta try to extend or you will die never really knowing who you are. That's real talk, man I read that once. I think a wise man had said that once.From the depths of the culture, underground to mainstream. Hold it down, whatever you do, just make sure that we're building.

Lyrics Jonathan Owens Music Get'Em Productions LLC
Producer Get'Em Productions LLC Publisher Got'Em Good Publishing
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