Dear New York, NY

Story Behind The Song

New York is a symbol of Liberty and Freedom for Untied States of America. Over the years, especially in the early years of this century, many immigrants from all over the World had entered this Harbor to seek Freedom and Liberty. Today, about 40% of all

Song Description

A Special Tribute to the People of New York and United States and for all who believe in Freedom and Liberty.

Song Length 4:24 Genre Unique - Patriotic, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delightful, Glad Subject Patriotic, Hero


Dear New York, NY
(Lady Liberty)

A Special Tribute to the People of New York and United States and for all who believe in our Freedom and Liberty.

Words & Music by Duke Nguyen Browning
Copyright c 2007 All rights Reserved

Dear New York, NY, we do miss your twin towers
Yet we can be proud to look at your lady's eyes
As she signifies our liberty, our life
We know she will stay in our hearts and in our minds
She is our Lady Liberty.

The world's citizens have come and stood by her
The entrance to the free world, the great, dream Harbor
For Freedom and Liberty she stands to guarantee
Whatever we will be is up to you and me
She is our Lady Liberty.

I still remember she was standing tall and proud
When the enemies were taking the twin towers down
When the innocents died, when our nation [children] cried
She never closed her eyes - for she knows, yes she knows
Freedom has its own price.

Dear New York, NY, we know your wound shall heal
As long as there's still our Lady Liberty
New York, dear New York, will we ever feel your pain?
As long as there stands our Lady Liberty
We know in time your wound shall heal.
Liberty - there she is - standing still.

Instrumental Solo & go to beginning for 2nd time.

Alternative 2nd verse for 2nd time.
Hundreds of millions of us - Americans -
We have chosen our home in this great nation
Our legend was begun at this great entrance
New York, dear New York, you are our legend
New York, there's Lady Liberty.
There she is, standing for you and me.

Lyrics Duke Nguyen Browning Music Duke Nguyen Browning
Producer Arranged by Peter Young, Nashvilee, TN Publisher Unsigned
Performance Vocal Michael Lusk Label Unsigned

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