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As millions of Americans and citizens of the world reflected on the painful and tragic day of September 11, on its fifth anniversary in 2006, I wrote this song to show my gratitude to those who serve our country and its people. I particularly wrote the l

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The unfortunate events of September 11, 2001, have redefined many aspects of our life. One aspect that is especially dear to me is the definition of soldiers and the battlefield heroism that has traditionally been attributed to the four major branches of

Song Length 4:23 Genre Unique - Patriotic, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Delightful, Sociable Subject Patriotic, War
Language English Era 2000 and later


Brothers in Arms

Copyright c 2006. All Rights Reserved.
By Duke Nguyen Browning
License & Performance Rights: BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)

Marines: We are the soldiers of freedom,
Army: We are the fighters for liberty,
Navy/CG: We are the guards of the sea,
Air Force: We are in the skies to keep the peace.

Army: We go, travel thousands of miles,
Air Force: We fly all over the whole world's skies,
Navy/CG: We sail, we guard the vast ocean,
Marines: We cross many of the world's nations

Army: Here we are, we are brothers in arms,
Far from home, to preserve our liberty,
I am away from family,
But the care you're giving me, you're now my family.

Air Force: When mission's done, someday we will be home,
Our families won't be living alone,
We will watch our children grow,
In the world we can come and go. No fear. No woe.

Navy: I knew you not too long ago,
But you are my heart, my blood, my soul,
Because wherever you will go,
I will be there with you also.

Marines: We will go wherever we're called,
We are ready to give it our all,
You're here should there be one day I fall,
You'll continue to give it your all.

Army: Then one day, I am home to live in peace,
In your farm, your town, and your city,
I will take my son with me,
And my lovely wife, Kelly. You, we'll come to see.

Air Force: My mother will bake you an apple pie,
It is the best, I'll bet, you ever try,
She also makes pumpkin pie,
Thanksgiving day, our blessing time - turkey and pumpkin pie.

Navy: We want to keep that what we own,
We own our home, our liberty,
We own this all in our great country,
We'll give it peace and keep it free.

Marines: I want you to count on me,
To keep that what our fathers gave
They gave freedom and liberty,
We've had it more than two centuries.

Nat'l Guard: We're the guard, and the fence of your homes,
Policemen: We secure the safety while you're gone,
Firemen: And you won't be here alone,
If the fire breaks in your home, we're the first to come.

Together As you serve, we're keeping what we own,
We won't let you be there to fight alone,
We are here watching your home
Don't worry while you are gone, we're here for your home

All: We serve, we keep just what we own,
And we are never serving alone,
Americans who are in one home,
The home of those who love freedom

All: We are we are brothers in arms,
We keep each other from being harmed,
We are, we are brothers in arms,
We are, we are brothers in arms.

Lyrics Duke Nguyen Browning Music Duke Nguyen Browning
Producer Peter Young, Nashville, TN Publisher Unsigned
Performance Netha Schrimpf, Vocalist Label Unsigned

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