End This Right (rough draft)

Song Length 2:52 Genre Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking
Language English


I saw you ignore me today
It's not all in words
the things that you say
I'm tryin so hard
to keep us the same
But I can't make you stay
I can't make it okay

I hope that you're doing good
Last we left off, you took-on
more than you should've
I'm seeing your stress
and I just want to mend
All of these hardships
you've been sent
I'm now realizing
that I can't

So take me on
Fight the good fight
You've already slain me
So it's time to end this right

Sleeping questions unanswered
Did you want me to try
and keep us together?
Was this inevitably a disaster?
or whispering behind the scenes
Like Cassius, that i couldn't see?

So I'll walk away with your scars
I wanted us longer
but we didn't get far
It's too bad because I don't
see who you are
and it started killing me
but I'm meanding callusly.

Lyrics Shelly Farmer Music Shelly Farmer
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