DECPTIVE CADENCE: Where is My Life? (Live Studio Version)

Story Behind The Song

This song basically sums up how I was when I was 15 years old. Very rocker-ish and wouldn't put up with anyone's crap. That was before I met my long-term boyfriend. It seemed that last year when we broke up I was a totally different person than I was w

Song Description

When you think back on how a relationship started and now where you are after break up.

Song Length 2:21 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


Remember when you met me
I was only fifteen
You thought I was so cool then
Well, that's how it used to be
My temper was tough
And my hair was red
I wore t-shirts as skirts instead
Only my rock dreams
Have stayed the same
Looks like I'll have to start again
? Again!

Where is my life?
Where is my life?
Where is my life?
From before I met you?
(I want it back from you)

Traded my chains
For a simple pair of earrings
My Porn-star hoodie
For the pink of an Abercrombie
Simple lyrics to sound more educated
Well I guess it didn't work
Guess I couldn't really fake it
? Oh no!

Lyrics Shelly Farmer Music Shelly Farmer and James Howell
Producer Jared Furlong and Tyler Clark Performance Shelly Farmer, James Howell, Billy Fox
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