Pins & Needles

Song Length 1:57 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Soundtracks

Although i usually like to hear my soundtrack type of music with a movie playing on top of it. I still found this track enjoyable and immediately painting pictures of various scenes in my mind where this song would work. Everything worked together well in this song

Reminds me of exploring a futuristic corporate office in a video game or something similar. In reality though, this could be used in many different scenarios for TV or games. I personally enjoy the nostalgic vibe I'm getting, as it sounds like stuff I heard in TV shows I watched as a kid growing up -- stuff like the Highlander TV series. Keep up the great work and let me know when you release new stuff similar to this!

Great soundtrack piece. Very hooky and visual. Nice use of simplicity.

A great soundtrack! A slow build with tons of interesting nuances and instrumentation throughout the tune that keep you hooked and waiting for what's yet to come. Bravo!

I liked this song quite a lot. It had a very nice element of tension making it perfect for a wide variety of movie and television scenes.

Great tension/mood setting. I can definitely hear this being placed any and everywhere. Would be great in an action movie. Well done.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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