Geppetto demo

Story Behind The Song

My songwriting partner Richard got the original idea and we developed it together. He had an apartment that just seemed to lend itself to new musical ideas, especially for me, and the guitar part just sort of came together with his original lyrics.

Song Description

Applying the story of Gepetto and Pinocchio to our lives, how the touch of love can transform a seemingly lifeless person into a new personality

Song Length 4:05 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing Subject Life, Prayer
Similar Artists Jim Croce, John Denver Language English
Era 2000 and later


Geppetto, he was gettin` old with so much left undone
But one thing he wanted to finish before the setting of his sun
With love in his hands and dreams in his heart
Of making just one more toy
He began to carve a block of wood
Into a little boy

He'd never had a son or someone he could call his own
To brighten up his lonely life and make his house a home
He carved the hands and shaped the face and painted on a smile
Laid down his tools and with a sigh he stopped to rest a while

And while he was asleep an angel came and touched the toy
And in answer to the old man's prayer it became a living boy

When he awoke and found a son instead of just a toy
He shouted out with happiness and sang and danced for joy

This may just be a fairy tale or maybe it is true
The things the story says they could be said of me or you
We could be like Geppetto, or we could be like the toy
That a lonely heart and an answered prayer could change into a boy

Miracles, they happen, we can see them everywhere
Love touches wooden hearts in answer to a prayer

So if you're lonely or if you feel your heart is wood, or stone
A miracle can touch your life and make your house a home.

Richard Kieth Hackett and Russel Alan Pratt
Music: Russel Alan Pratt

Lyrics Keith Yocum and Russel Alan Pratt Music Russel Alan Pratt
Producer Russel Alan Pratt Performance guitar and vocal Russel Alan Pratt
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