Song for Victor Jara

Story Behind The Song

I don't know where this song "came" from, I just started writing words to a progression I was playing on a high-strung guitar. Later on after it was finished it reminded me of the story of Victor Jara, a Chilean singer who was killed in the 1973 anti-Allende coup in Chile. There are several accounts of his death, but the first story I read about his death and music was in an old Guitar Player magazine. When I wrote this song his story came to mind and I dedicated to him. Although I am no Communist his story moved me. The intro flute is a sampled Xingu (Brazil) Indian flute, a very large instrument which requires a good set of lungs!

Song Description

Globalization favors some folks, but not very many, however it is the present reality, just or unjust.

Song Length 4:09 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Courage, Protest Language English
Era 2000 and later


Song for Victor Jara (Conspiracy Theory #5)

If I sing a song of freedom
Will others sing it too
There must be someone feelin'
The same way that I do
"How much longer?" cry the weary
"Make us stronger!" plead the weak
Not willing to surrender
But tired of being beat
If I sing this song
Who will sing along?

It's not an easy song to sing
It's not catchy, and it's not cute
And if you sing too loud an long
"they'll" come and do away with you

When you swear the situation
Ain't exactly like it seems
And you say it in no uncertain terms
In every song you sing
If I sing this song
Who will sing along

Woe to me if I sing it
Woe to me if I don't
And God help me if the time comes
When I get the chance and won't
If I sing this song
Who will sing along?

Russel Alan Pratt
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sept. 2002

Lyrics Russel Alan Pratt Music Russel Alan Pratt
Producer Russel Alan Pratt Performance All instruments except Indian flute Russel Alan Pratt
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