Pawn Shop Guitar

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Pawn shop Guitar is about a boy growing up learning to play the guitar.

Song Length 4:56 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Nonviolent, Pleasant Subject Music, Communication
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw, Travis Tritt Language English
Era 2000 and later


Pawn Shop Guitar (4:56)
(T. Rudd)

When I was a young boy and I bought my first guitar
Got it from a pawn shop down the street from the local bar
Spend a lot of hours and I taught myself to play
Kept it in a case there under my bed, waitin? for the very next day
Oh how I love to learn to play those Rock n? Roll songs
Learn the chords and I learn the leads
Just so I can try and sing along
Formed a group and started singing with a mike in a microphone stand
Practiced almost every night
Just so we could be in the battle of the bands

Ohh? I never really knew if this dream was worth the takin?
Ahh? But playin? that guitar and the music I was makin?

Pawn Shop Guitar
I knew someday it would take me far
Pawn Shop Guitar
I bought it someday thinkin? I would be a star
Pawn Shop Guitar
You never really know how lucky you are
Oh how I love to play
That Pawn Shop Guitar

Got a little older and I sold that guitar one day
Sold it to a boy like me
Who wanted just to sit and learn how to play
Bought a new Gibson from the money I made from gigs uptown
Went on the road and bought a new Strat
And I played that thing and it brought the house down

Ohh? you never really know how the winds of chance keep callin?
Ohh? keep your memories alive and you see the pieces fall in


Now the years have passed and I?ve played a million songs
Thought I?d take a walk downtown
To the neighborhood where I once belonged
There in the pawn shop window I couldn?t believe my eyes
Sat my first guitar
40 years older lookin? like a day gone by
Brought it back home
Thinkin? how lucky I am just to be alive
Small price to pay for a memory
Of a little boy playin? with a dream in his eye


Tom Rudd- Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Ron Barth- Keyboards, Hammond B3
Jeff Cox- Electric Bass
Joe Merrick- Drums

Lyrics Tom Rudd Music Tom Rudd
Producer Tom Rudd Performance Tom Rudd
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