Rose Tattoo

Song Description

Rose Tattoo- This song is about a girl with a Rose Tattoo

Song Length 5:40 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Charming Subject Fun, Love at First Sight
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw, Travis Tritt Language English


Rose Tattoo (5:40)
(T. Rudd)

Met her in line at the 7-11 store
Cigarettes and gum was all that she was lookin? for
She said I?m headed to the packie
Then a party down the old dirt road
You can follow me there
If you think you might want to go

There was somthin? about her
I knew that I could not deny
When she turned and walked away
I couldn?t believe my eyes

She had a Rose Tattoo
Big as the sun in the Key West sky
A Rose Tattoo
Strategically placed just to catch my eye
A Rose Tattoo
An American Beauty that is quite a sight
What?s a poor boy to do
Knockin? me out with her rose tattoo

She drove a 65 Mustang
Cherry red with 4 on the floor
Pedal to the metal she was tearin? down interstate 4
A rose by any other name could she be so sweet
So I met her at the party
Just to see what makes my Rose?s heart beat

There was no doubt about her
No need to ask a reason why
And when she turned and walked on by
I knew I had to get a piece
Of that American pie


Each day life can hold a treasure
That?s sometimes very hard to find
If there?s a Rose way up in heaven
This one right here on earth is mine

She told me that the rose and her name were one and the same
How she got it one night on a dare
When she was young and untamed
She remembered how her parents caused a fuss and a fight
Ain?t it funny how life?s mistakes can turn out so right

There was somethin? about her
I knew that I could not deny
Then she turned and smiled and said
Maybe I?ll just get one on the other side


Tom Rudd ? Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocal
Jeff Cox ? Electric Bass
Joe Merrick ? Drums, Keyboards, Background Vocals

Lyrics Tom Rudd Music Tom Rudd
Producer Tom Rudd Performance Tom Rudd
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