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Every man can be a Superman to his woman. Protect, provide and nourish the relationship. You can all be Superman too!

Song Description

Your man i s your Superman. He can take care of the children and you. He can love you from your head to your toes, protect you from thugs and foe. While he protects you he can also make sure you are loved

Song Length 4:04 Genre R & B - Contemporary, R & B - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, Ecstatic Subject You, Yours
Similar Artists R. Kelly Language English
Era 2000 and later



Written by Ronnie A. McLeod Jr.

I'm lookin at you, you lookin at me and I'm lovin you in those jeans and
You lookin in my window as I roll by in my coup enjoyin the breeze and
Never can I believe I see a Goddess standin over there
Five foot seven chocolate heaven floatin all that hair
You just as fine as you can be from your head to your toes
I'm trying hard not to think of you without your clothes
Baby can I get your number so that I can get to know you before I tell you who I am

I'm your Superman I'm the one you dream about oh baby yes I am
Beyond the shadow of a doubt oh baby yes I can
Do anything you read about me baby here I am I'm your Superman
Leap over players topple hustlers punch a thug in the eye
My so hot I can teach a bird how to fly
My swagger so cold that I can freeze the sun in the sky, Boo, cause I'm your Superman

From A to Z I'm a let you see what a Superman can do
And when I get through shorty let me know if Superman's for you
He's the kind of man who pays them bills and makes sure home is right
Take care them kids cook them dinner tuck them in the bed at night
Fulfill your every fantasy baby everything goes remember your sexy body from your head to your toes
Treat you like a Queen cause I just want to show you that I'm your Superman


Able to leap every problem in a single bound
Ain't never gonna let a player hater try to slow me down
Got more power than any situation they can throw at me
For no weapon formed against me baby can succeed
I'm faster than a speeding bullet so bust your shot
Keeping it real with my people trying to reach the top
Negative things are a waist so I'll tell you what you should do
Why don't you be Superman too


Lyrics Ronnie A. McLeod Jr. and Dennis Morehead Music Dennis Morehead
Producer Dennis Morehead Publisher Ronnie A. McLeod Jr. and Dennnis Morehead
Performance Ron Anthony Label ScorpioGem Records
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