Story Behind The Song

This is about a guy who played the field, was a playa with the ladies, but now he doesn't care to keep doing it. He's tired of being a playa. He could keep doing it, but it doesn't want to anymore.

Song Description

Song discusses how he used to be a playa, but now he's tired of the game. He used to be slick and play women , but not chooses to stop

Song Length 4:17 Genre R & B - Contemporary, R & B - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Blissful Subject Life, General
Similar Artists R. Kelly Language English
Era 2000 and later



Ronnie McLeod Jr. and Dennis Morehead

I was a playa, but now I've grown tired of playin
I was a playa, Come on, Come on

One little toke and a sip from a bottle,
Masserratti coupe and a big booty model
Canary diamond in a platinum ring (just big playa world doin big playa things and)
Head to toe rockin Dolce Gabbana, Ferragamo in reserved for maA┬▒ana
Got my shorty in couture and Prada, fresh to death cann't get no hotter

I'm so sick of doin things the playa way, (doin things the playa way)
And I don't give a damn about what people might say, (about what people might say)
I'm tired of flossin now I want to keep it real,
Want someone in my life who will know the deal
A shorty bad as hell and she'll keep her head right
Keep your head right, daddy home eer night

I was a playa, used to be the kinda guy to kick game in the blink of an eye
But now I've grown tired of playin used to be slick wit it, talk shit wit it, make a shorty want to get wit it
I was a playa, used to be the kinda man who said yo this is who I am
But now I grown tired of playin, I left that playa game alone, I said I left that playa game alone yes

Now don't get me wrong now I still rock Movada
Push a Phantom coupe with the top down it's hotter
Versace shades in the evening that's my swagger
Just a big playa world doin big playa things and
Blaza a track with my home boy Nocko
Hop a private jet do a show in Morocco
That's what I do sing a tune make em holla
Fresh to death don't get no hotter



Ooh la la la,it's the way that I flow when I'm doin my thing
Ooh la la la, keep my game tight as hell, I'm so fresh and so clean
Ooh la la la, Ain't no playa no more I'm keeping it real
Ooh la la la, Keep it movin all haters and fuck what you feel

Don't wanna to be a playa no more
I threw in the towel walked off the floor
Don't get it twisted yall my spit game is flawless
Flaws and all compete and you'll be scoreless
Point club, points up back in '03
You'll loose your wife tryin to goin up against me
But can't sue the therapy cause I'm retired
But I can MJ 45 just because I'm me


Lyrics Ronnie A. McLEod / Dennis morehead Music Dennis Morehead
Producer Dennis Morehead Publisher Ronnie A. Mc Leod / Dennis Morehed
Performance Ron Anthony featuring Nocko Label ScorpioGem Records
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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