Passive Aggressive

Story Behind The Song

My sister has always had the worst taste in men. this song wrote itself.

Song Description

very original sounding piece.2 bass lines that meld perfectly together.fantastic "David gilmour" sounding guitar solo, with awesome tome and feel.a little hammond b3 in there for good measure.

Song Length 3:14 Genre Rock - Alternative, Spoken Word - Experimental
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Mad, Passive Subject Violence, Fight
Similar Artists Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls Era 2000 and later


Passive Aggressive

Three strikes you're out
she says as he's pulling her hair.
She knows she's right this time
but life ain't fair, no...
It's not always going to be this way,
she swears.
The future is bright
and I know it's in my hands

Johnny the cool boy is going out.
He doesn't know that by the end of the night,
he'll be slapping her around!
This one's for the time bomb inside me he says.
He learned it from his daddy who is now dead.

So take your time now,
figure it out.
Try to see what the beatings are all about.
It could be your past,
it could be unique.
It could be that you think too much,
passive aggressively.

Lyrics Robb Spencer Music Robb Spencer
Producer Robb Spencer Performance Robb Spencer
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