Never Far From My Mind

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Oh all those lovely women who lived with me and shared my life, even though they have moved on.....I think of them still and wish them well

Song Length 3:43 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Folk - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Content Subject General, Gratitude
Similar Artists Billy Joel, Whitney Houston Language English
Era 2000 and later


Never Far From My Mind
Copyright Ric Seaberg 2006

Now that time has past, I know you'll like to hear
That somehow I've become... a well adjusted man
And even though it hurt, so much to say good-bye
And even though you've found another guy.....

You are never far from my mind
I hope you found a man who is loving and kind
For the record, I'm fine
And you are never far from my mind

In all the years we shared, I felt a lot of blue
When you said divorce...that's when I hated you
But now I realize, since true love's made me free
There was a time that you........loved me


I think about your husband
I think about your kids
And somehow I've forgotten all the wrong you did

That's why you're never far from my mind
I hope your life's much better than it was in our time
To love and lose is nature's design
And you are never far from my mind

I still remember your monkeyshine
And you are never far from my mind

Lyrics Ric Seaberg Music Ric Seaberg
Producer Ric Seaberg Publisher Ric Seaberg
Performance Ric Seaberg and Time Ellis Label Madison Pond
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