Marginal style

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I dunno, just not so interested in dressin' up anymore

Song Length 4:13 Genre Folk - Rock, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Pleased Subject Clothes, Age, Aging
Similar Artists The Beach Boys, Phil Collins Language English
Era 2000 and later


Marginal Style
Copyright Ric Seaberg

I bought a new winter coat, at a shop downtown
One with lotsa pockets, and loaded with down
Well it's a nice big cover, I won't be getting cold
I look like I'm a candidate for the ski patrol

It's Marginal Style...But that's what I wear..
I am getting older now, and I do not care
I might be set in my ways...not easy to rile
I'm jus' stayin' comfortable...with marginal style

I like my aging pick-up, from ninety and one
We've been friends forever and we get a lot done
You know it may not be pretty...I'm sure you'd agree...
But I still take it through the wash....
And it smells just like me

It's marginal style....But that's what I drive
I am getting older now, but I'm still alive
I might be set in my ways, after all of those miles
And I'll be passin' on your left, with marginal style
Well I need readin' glasses, and my hair has gone astray
So I jus' wear this baseball hat..... sixteen hours a day

Oh, maybe I'm not "with it", I don' dress like the kids
And I don' wear Armani, whatever that is
I've got some flannel shirts and a stack 'o' jeans, nothin' low-cut
But at least they're stayin' on me and not
Fallin' offa my butt

It's marginal style,but that's who I am
I am getting older now, and I don't give a damn
Someday I'll go to my rest, with a reason to smile
Cuz on my stone a little poem'll say....
"Marginal Style"

fade on "marginal style" vocal repeats

Lyrics Ric Seaberg Music Ric Seaberg
Producer Ric Seaberg Publisher Ric Seaberg
Performance Ric Seaberg, Tim Ellis Label Madison Pond
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