Christian Walk

Story Behind The Song

Being thankful for everything God provides for us. And knowing that God is there to pick us up when we fall.

Song Description

This is a song I wrote for Childrens Church several years ago - it talks about God's love and how he provides for us.

Song Length 3:37 Genre Pop - Religious, Rock - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gracious, Sociable Subject Life, Light
Similar Artists Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen Language English
Era 2000 and later


Put your hands together lets put God first
Thank You Lord for creating the heavens and earth

And help us not, not to fall
In our Christian, Our Christian Walk
Christian Walk, Christian Walk, Christian Walk

Raise your hands to heaven and pray with me
Raise your hands to heaven, please pray with me

Raise your hands to heaven and pray with me
Thank you Lord for our shelter and the food that we eat.

And help us not, not to fall, in our Christian, our Christian Walk, Christian Walk, Christian Walk, Christian Walk

Raise your hands to heaven and pray with me
Raise your hands to heaven, please pray with me

Lord help us in our Christian Walk, In our Christian Walk, Lord help us in our Christian Walk, In our Christian Walk, Lord help us in our Christian Walk
In our Christian, In our Christian Walk

The song sounds like a Tom Petty or David Bowie style. The vocalist sounds sincere and the lyrics make the theme apparent right from the beginning. The arrangement is good; varying the verse, change, and chorus, which keeps the song interesting. The length of the song was good, which allows a listener to enjoy the song, but ends before it overstays its welcome. Overall, this is an interesting and powerful song.

Who could not love this song, but a Christian man filled with sprit. Well done, love ur Vocals.

This is a song encouraging Christians to clap and raise their hands in praise of God who made the heavens and earth and provides our shelter...some good basics to give thanks for. Then the prayer is that we will not fall in our Christian walk. Sung with sincerity, and written with clarity, this song is a good reminder to keep God first.

i like that this song is telling a story about the good word.. there should be more people doing this. i think the world would be a better place if this was the case.

Another pleasant Christian pop-rock from Randal.

This song still needs some work but it does have potential.

I like the melody. It is simple and makes it easy to follow, which makes it a marketable song. The beat was well matched with the melody and lyrics. Good job. Your choice of instruments fit the melody and lyrics; another strong point. Your hook is a good one. I also used it well in the body of the song. Great job!

the melody and the lyrics and wits got a meaning to it that connects to the listener ...

Great work, reminds me alot of Tom Petty lol. Keep it up

Very soulful song. I enjoyed it

Subject Matter theme was good

I enjoy the vocals tone the lyrics are alright. I'm not into religious music. there's a little bit of a rock thing that comes in that I think was alot of fun. this is probably a pretty good song in the religious Relm of music but it's not my cup of tea. thank you for sharing it's always alot of fun hearing what people creat

I loved the good message in the lyrics. It had a very good message and was encouraging. I could see it being a good song for a church choir to sing.

This is a nice song, it would sound really nice in a church setting. The guitar was really good, the song has a nice message and would sound nice live.

Kind of like Bob Dylan meets Christian pop. Very cool vibe.
A very interesting lyric though. I think you have something very interesting working for you there.

Very original

This is quite nice, starts off well with a nice catchy guitar hook and interesting original rhythm. The lyrics are good and obviously have a very strong purpose and meaning.
I especially like the instrumental breakdown and change towards the end of the song. Some good songwriting as adds a nice variety. All the best to you.

Lyrics Randal Dunkle Music Randal Dunkle
Producer Randal Dunkle Publisher Randal Dunkle
Performance Randal Dunkle Label Randal Dunkle
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