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This song reminds me of Billy Joel's "We didn't Start the Fire" I felt that we needed an updated version of what has been going on today.

Song Description

From the beginning of the "New Millennium" to Barry Bonds breaking Henry Aarons all time home run record (due to happen any day) I have tried to touch on all of the important events that have transpired over the last 7 plus years.I did not want it to be a

Song Length 4:09 Genre Rock - General, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Diplomatic, Congenial Subject World, General
Similar Artists The Rolling Stones, The Band Language English
Era 2000 and later


It didn't matter anyway
Went to the poles no winner on election day
Ended up with George
Doesn't matter what I say
It's no surprise it ended up this way

Real Estate
You get a lower interest rate
Super size me I don't think that I can wait
They all got aboard
Hardly checked them at the gate
No one alive will ever forget that date

US Coal
Janet Jackson Super Bowl
They found Saddam hiding in a hole
Terry Shibo
God rest her soul
Me I just listen to that Rock and Roll

It's just History
It's just history
It's so plain to see
That it's just history

Klu Klux Klan
Somewhere in Afghanistan
Wait for word from Alan Greenspan
New Millennium
I learned about the Taliban
Looking for Bin Laden somewhere in Pakistan

Tidal wave
Michael Jackson misbehave
Thousands die their bodies are washed away
Global warming
Osama hides in a cave
I wish somebody would give that guy a shave

All this talk of peace is gone
Must have blown up by a roadside bomb
We got a new home run king
His name is Barry Bonds
Give some of whatever he is on

It's just history
It's just history
It's so plain to see
Thats its just history

Like I say
It doesn't matter anyway
If I died would you cry for me today
It's just history
Too bad about Ray
I'm not surprised it ended up this way

Its just history
Its just history
It will be what it will be yeah,
It;s just history

Lyrics Ray Labella Music Ray labella
Producer Ray labella Performance Ray labella, Deb Trabolsi, Manny FasanoElise Motta, Frank Servino, Frank Dupozzo

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