Down In New Orleans, co-work of Labella,Trabolsi & Severino

Story Behind The Song

This song was writtten as a delta blues song between 3 BJ members. We tried to describe how someone in New Orleans felt - also through the music - & how the devastation that Katrina caused can give all of us an opportunity to "practice what we preach" &

Song Description

a song about the devastation in New Orleans - about all they've gone through & the song hopefully is one to inspire people to help - to inspire out government but also to inspire each other to lend a hand to those in need. Positive message also about gra

Song Length 5:11 Genre Blues - Delta, Blues - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Moving, Restless Subject State, Life
Language English


Down in New Orleans, Aint got no money & I can't get clean
Down in New Orleans, Women won't love me & the men get mean

Muddy waters as black as ink
Not a drop for me to drink
No running water , electricity
What we got is drowning me

Desperate men & woman too
Had to leave all they knew
That old house made of wood
Stood so tall in our neighborhood

I was taught you must believe
Guard your home & never leave
The warning came just like before
I stood watch by my front door

Rain down on me, Rain down on me, Rain down on me

Lake waters rise, the rivers bend
Kept rushing down upon my head
No CNN, No government cheese
Could help my family

And grace like rain is fallin down on me
Grace like rain - gonna set me free
It's that grace like rain - I will sing - Redemption Day!

Lend your hand to us in need
Practice now the things you preach
Time stands still on the levy
All these years in slavery
(Repeat CHORUS)

Down in New Orleans,
The clouds roll by & I lost my dreams - 2X

Lyrics Ray Labella, Deborah Trabolsi, Frank Severino Music Ray Labella, Deborah Trabolsi, Frank Severino
Producer Lenny Post @ Hickory St. Studio Performance Ray Labella, Deborah Trabolsi, Frank Severino, Frank Dapuzzo, Manny Fasano

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